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We possess the gorgeous Rain DeGrey on hand for a bit of play today. She is just one of our favorite versions because along with being sexy she absolutely loves discipline and bondage. That is exactly why she keeps coming back to us. The moment the bruises fade she’s searching for one more chance to suffer, shout and cum.The scene opens on a helpless Rain DeGrey at a slinky purple gown. Her hands are bound leather straps behind her, her wrists are wound to keep them. She tries to wriggle, but her ankles are held collectively along with the heels on her feet make balancing a position that is tricky. 1 measure her shoulders will soon be bearing her weight. In this situation she can t offer any resistance as Cyd Black cuts away her dress. A couple of stockings and A little scrap of cloth are the only things left her and they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. That option has been removed by the rag-gag in her mouth, if she had been planning on protesting her defrocking. Held in place it is an effective means of muffling her. Cut clear of her clothes, Rain's tits. Round and firm they create a tempting target for your whip. The moans of pleasure and pain escape her throat as her entire body is crisscrossed by it but are stifled by the gag. The tears flow freely, making her make up start to operate. Her pussy will find some. Every slap of the whip along her lips will definitely make them more sensitive for the next one. Before they begin to turn pink, it is only a few hits. We meant it when we stated she loved bondage and discipline. Her arousal is apparent in the way her entire body adjusts with anticipation. She is sweetly earned a reward that is short by suffering. The Hitachi is the most effective hand. For most women a couple of moments on high is enough push them on the border or maybe to bring them. Cyd is going to play a sadistic match with Rain. She will get only a taste of the enjoyment the top speed toy and bring her but it won't be sufficient to get her off. She jerks against her bondage . Is feel the launch of a powerful orgasm, but Cyd has other ideas. Rain buck could moan and beg all she desires, she isn't until he decides that it’s exactly what he would like to see, becoming off. He is probably doing her a favor, actually, considering how Rain cums. She’s the kind of climaxes which produce her weak in the knees and might make it hard for her to stand around these heels. She will get her desire, though she soon regrets it. Feel the waves of pleasure wash over her and she sinks down to meet it, as Cyd pushes the vibrator against her clit. Till she’s had her first orgasm which she admits that he has found another way to kiss 23, it isn ' t. As the bliss turns to the anguish of over-stimulation ' t end was won by the senses between her thighs now. May believe that things are getting better when she’s been rebound into her location Rain. First off, a ring has replaced the rag in her mouth, meaning that if she cries the noise will be heard loud and clear. This time she is bound into the atmosphere, with her legs up on her back. It means no longer fretting about whether her knees are starting to feel helpless. Then again, it means a few things to Cyd. Her ass and pussy are completely exposed. So there’s absolutely no reason to be worried about how much she may buck ankles and her hands are shackled into place. Her head is immobilized, this time by a pair of hooks inside her nostrils that pull up her nose into a pig snout that is humiliating. The only think she could perform is flex her hands. Her toes are tied to a pair of nipple clamps that were extreme so that if Rain arches her feet the traces will pull tight and tug. It's a dreadful situation she finds herself , and that’s ahead of the torments start.Rain's pussy has barely had a opportunity to recuperate. When Cyd puts an extremely precise tool directly against her clit, it ' s still sensitive from the previous round of orgasms. It is entirely focused into a much bigger area although Even the celebrator doesn ' t have a hitachi’s raw power. While the bigger vibrator feels like her entire body is shaking, this terror puts the emphasis right all onto her area. She struggles as much as the iron round her wrists will let her but there is not any getting away from it. This time Cyd isn't worried about taking it off until she cums. Instead he has chosen to inflict a painful distractions on her, if she can manage to get off through the mix of sensations to see. She’s freely allowed to orgasm as many times as she would like to when she can handle it. From the end she is just a shell. Rain has cum so many times she isn't sure when she can. She’s streaks from whips and canes throughout her body. Her tits, ass and pussy are inside she feels used and dirty. It is precisely the Gold Experience which she came here searching for. Plus it isn't yet…

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