– Bound Valentine: Alex Mecum Covered in Wax, Suspended, Pumped, Fucked with Ricky Larkin 2020

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Valentine’s Day Ricky Larkin is offering something very special to Alex Mecum. Alex Mecum is naked and tied to his bed blindfolded. Ricky Larkin, a latex-clad man in black, emerges from the shadows to approach Alex. Alex moaned as Ricky reached out to touch him. Ricky smilingly kisses AlexA after smelling her sweet lips. Ricky light a red candle, and slowly drizzles the wax over AlexA’s chest and down to his torso. As the wax touches his skin, Alex grumbles. Ricky laughs while he wraps AlexA’s nipples in wax, and then he makes his way towards AlexA’s cocks and balls. Alex grunts and arches his way off of the bed as the wax drips onto the sensitive balls and hard skin. Ricky wraps AlexA’s legs in wax and then tries to teasingly touch her head with his cock. He then slaps AlexA with wax, causing him to bondage. After that, Ricky drizzles hot wax down the length of AlexA’s cock and then pushes it into AlexA’s mouth. Alex laughs while Ricky chokes Alex with his cock. Alex is then gagged and placed in bondage. Ricky lies beneath AlexA and turns AlexA’s head into a vibrating machine. Alex sighs as blood rushes to his cock, making it large. Ricky places clothes pins onto AlexA’s balls and nipples, and then makes Alex go crazy. He finally brings Alex down, giving him a good pounding. Alex has a hard time resisting RickyA and his choking. Ricky moves at a steady pace. Alex gets so involved in watching the cock move in and out his hole that his orgasm takes him completely by surprise. As he cums on himself, he cries. Ricky takes Alex’s cocks and covers him in his loads.

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