– Joshua & Brice with Brice 2012 Big Dick

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Joshua spoke quietly, “So.” JoshuaA asked me if he wanted to do more than get his dick sucked …” After the play with his hole on his first visit, I was not surprised by JoshuaA’s request. I asked, “What were you thinking?” “What was your intention?” I inquired. He replied, “Well.” He said, “I’d like to kiss. IA is curious. “Sure,” I replied. I know Brice would love that. “Can he also kiss my genitals?” Joshua asked. Joshua replied, “IA’m in the mood to do that.” “So, do you really want him to have a good time? Brice was only one-hundred percent onboard. He said, “Hell yeah!” HeA’s the most Sean Cody guy IA’ve ever met! After they stripped down, BriceA was adamant that JoshuaA loved his body. We noticed that JoshuaA responded every time BriceA touched JoshuaAs genitals. JoshuaA would feel his entire body tensing up, and then a big smile appear on his face. Joshua exclaimed, “HeA’s truly fucking turning my on,” out of breath. Every bone in my body longs to be ….. This was something I didn’t know would happen!

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