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Derek is a active-duty Marine. Hes 20 years old and I met with him through an acquaintance who loves to (shall we say)”hang around” the army bases.I was supposed to meet up with Derek within a day a couple of weeks ago. He arrived on his motorcycle, roughly an hour . He looked really excited. “Is everything OK?” I inquired. “Yeah, I nearly got busted my way ,” he replied.Apparently he was going 110 miles on the freeway and passed on a street patrol vehicle, which immediately started pursuit. He managed to depart to a residential area and shed the cops. “You knowyou shouldnt…” I started, then stopped myself. Hes a 20-year-old Marine using a crotch rocket. What are you going to do…”So would you live on base?” He asked him. “I was able to, but not anymore,” he replied. “Why not?” “No privacy,” he responded. “Cant jerk off without a lot of other men hearing you. “I heard that he loves to look at himself in the mirror after he masturbates. Its kind of hard to do that in the barracks. “Do you like being in the ceremony?” I asked. “Hell, yeah. Its awesome,” he said with a grin. “Best way to meet girls. They love military men.” “You get a lot play ” “Yes . Lots. “I think him too. Hes really hot! Beautiful eyes, handsome face, hairy, muscular body, along with a nice dick. Whats not to enjoy?

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