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Pretty blonde babysitter Vicky Vixxx is waiting for your boy´s bedtime. She tells him they have time for yet another match and he suggests cops and robbers. OK she says a quick match and after that bedtime – go get exactly what you need – rush up!! Wow Vicky exclaims – did you learn to tie similar to this? This is super tight… if I had been a real robber I’d definitely be screwed. Why are you laughing? This isn&severe;t humorous. Come back now! She tries to move her wrists but they don&severe;t cooperate. Vicky feels the ropes biting deep into the flesh around her wrists and elbows. She tries to stand but her thighs are also closely bound in her ankles. Vicky needs they untie her but quickly understands the small brats aren&severe;t coming to help her. She pulls hard in the ropes but they have done a fantastic job, she understands she wasn&extreme;t likely to escape ropes for her . Vicky sees a set of panties. NO!! What are you doing? They´Id stuffed the panties deep into her mouth and sealed them tightly using clear tape. Her palms are starting to go numb in the tight ropes and she is getting angry when she finds herself in a brutal hogtie. She screams at them through her gag but she simply hears them giggle and laugh in another room. Vicky reaches the rope together with her now numb fingers, but with her fingers feeling like direct she can&intense;t One of the rope. Frustrated and furious she struggles on the floor. Vicky pulls desperately in the ropes struggling on the carpet. The brats are gone and then they left her tightly bound and gagged. Vicky struggles on the ground, she’s to attempt to discover a means of getting help. She starts to realize her sole hope is that their parents will become home soon and complimentary her… It is going to be a very long wait.

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