– Rosta, Robin and Paul – Airport.. Paul Hunter & Robin Valej & Rosta Benecky 2018 Straight

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Paul Hunter is in Control of Airport Security today.

As he sits in his desk his assistant Robin Valej brings in a traveller, the very sexy straight guy, Rosta Benecky. Paul decides that he needs to assess Rostas luggage. He opens the suitcase and begins to root . He finds that a dildo, which Rosta insists is for his girlfriend. Then he finds some rope also and something very sharp, they believe may be applied as a weapon. Paul decides that Rosta himself needs additional review and Robin pats him down then removes Rostas tee shirt. Not content with that Robin subsequently opens Rostas jeans and pushes them down. Rosta yells, however, also the guards insist on assessing his ass. They bend him over the table and apply the sharp implement on his sexy ass. It looks like a pastry or cookie cutter that is rolled over his bum and legs. Then Robin takes Rostas belt and then beats his ass with it. Rosta moans as the thick buckle lands onto his sexy ass. Next Robin catches the dildo and squeezes it up against Rostas hole. He pushes it hard against the pit till it slips indoors, with Rosta left as it moves all of the way. Robin fucks the dildo at Rostas tight buttocks as Paul holds down him. Then the guards pick on more pleasure. Rosta is pushed to his knees since Paul gets his rock hard prick outside. He divides it in to Rostas mouth, which makes him suck it. Since Paul fucks his cock to Rostas mouth Robin releases his dick and Rosta is turned and made to suck on it. Robin drops his clothing and then shoves his penis in to Rostas mouth, fucking it in and out. Then Paul takes yet another twist, his throbbing cock really thumping at the sexy mouth, until Rosta it turned again, therefore Robins cock gets more. Rosta is subsequently transferred to the table along with Paul fucks his penis in that sexy ass. Rosta moans as he believes his hole filled and fucked. His own cock is hard and trapped against the table because his left handed gets fucked deep. Robin then takes over and his huge penis fucks that tight butt also, before giving it up for Paul again. They keep taking turns fucking that hot ass, putting Rosta onto his back so he can wank himself because he has fucked deep. With Robins cock deep into his ass Rostas wanking makes him cum, taking his cum over his leg. Robin keeps fucking hard and fast until he is ready to cum. He pulls out and shoots his hot cream over Rosta. Paul also is prepared to blow and wanks his penis to shoot over Rostas chest. Then the guards leave him alone, with his massive cock still hard and poking out in front of him. [Notice: The most spoken language in this film is shameful ]

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